How we work

How we work

Our aim is to investigate the human condition at its most difficult junctures. We want to learn about experiences of suffering through the eyes of the person who suffers. This means that when we study such experiences as loneliness, illness, suicide, or disability, primarily, we take a bottom-up perspective, focusing on the person’s story.

We are guided by the following values.

Openness. We are open to new ideas that come from the world, from other disciplines, and from those whose experiences we want to study. We want to broaden our own and our disciplines’ perspectives onto others, viewing suffering in ways we haven’t so far.

Respect. We want to be responsible, transparent and, above all, respectful in the research and other activities we engage in. This means that our research will always be ethical, we will be clear as to our assumptions and the values we are guided by.

Bold. We want to challenge ourselves and others. This means that we may take a difficult, winding route, rather than one which leads us straight to a quick, but shallow success. We want to leave our comfort zones, be it disciplinary or worldview.

Useful. We want to be useful. Although we support the view that creating new knowledge is sufficient reason to do research, whenever possible, we would like to go further. We want to be socially aware and transformative. As much as possible, we want to engage with those who need help and support in the areas we do research

We are a team, people who work together, supporting each other in our work. We believe that it is throughout our joint effort, we are best placed to achieve our individual goals. We believe that each of us should be able to realise their interests and it is through participation in a team we are best placed to achieve them. The success of every one is also the success of the team, and the other way around.

Finally, we see the Centre as a round table. Each of us has a voice that matters. When we sit together, everyone’s idea is on a par. We discuss it, adopt it or reject it, without fear or favour.

The project "Integrated Program for the Development of the University of Wrocław 2018-2022" co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund

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